on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Master Xuan, who was born in Singapore, began his sacred journey of Feng Shui in 1991. His first contact to Feng Shui was through his renowned teacher, Venerable Master Ling Feng. With the guidance of Venerable Master Ling Feng, he learned the art of Feng Shui through his three years of Buddhist monk journey, serving voluntary charity works in many countries. He came back to Singapore three years later and continues to study and practice Feng Shui. He provides professional Feng Shui services and continues to research on Feng Shui. Over the last 15 years, he has successfully promoted his practice of Feng Shui to over hundreds of students and conducted many seminars and talks on breathing life into the theories of Feng Shui.

Master Xuan also specialized in I-Ching, Xuan Kong and Flying Stars calculation, Four Pillars calculation and Pat Tze. His clients range from a normal household, commercial buildings, factories to multi-national companies. Just to name a few, a reputable foreign bank, an insurance company, a famous Japanese electronics manufacturer, Studio Wu International Pte Ltd, Mediacorp artists, etc.

Master Xuan's talent and broad knowledge have earned him accolades from several prestigious institutions. He is also serving as an honorary member at the Singapore Taoism Association.

Despite his accomplishments, Master Xuan remains a humble man. He frequently remarks, "The study of Feng Shui is a continuous journey in life, sharing and offering among ourselves is important to promote the art of Feng Shui too many generations to come".